The Introduce of Pearl Plaza Project – SSG GROUP

With a focus on Real Estate Industry, SSG Group has successfully completed an array of prominent projects; SSG Group strives to achieve our mission to change the facade of the nation while at the same time realizing the vision of our clients.

These successes have strengthened our position and put on its name on the map as one of the leading real estate developers in Vietnam. We at the SSG Group continually strive for a better and sustainable future, seeking an alliance with sustainable corporations, eager to achieve more.

pearl plaza apartment for rent

Pearl Plaza has 32 stories and 4 basements situate in a land of 5,983,2 sqm; 59.3% density of the tower is a base and 27% to 40% is upper part which the coverage of changes is reasonably allocated with the structure compared the total area is more 101,585 sqm.

Built with modern construction techniques cutting-edge design, the Pearl Plaza contains a number of luxury apartments with a total area of 15,855 sqm, prime office space with an area of 41,437 sqm and a shopping center including a shopping mall, supermarket and public area totaling 26,622 sqm.

pearl plaza apartment for rent

While making this project to life, the designers took into consideration three core criteria: function, environment and harmony.

When strategy, landscape and architecture harmonize. Based on the architectural design, the composition not only meets the three criteria above ut it also utilizes the maximum usable area of the building. The master plan shares an important part dedicated to emergency exist as well as the fire-prevention system. Furthermore, the direction of the building was taken into consideration: unit facing west are designed to dissipate heat.

pearl plaza apartment for rent

Pearl Plaza Tower Apartments is located in the northeast of the project, Pearl Plaza apartment for rent is located 25 floors completely separate with a 32-storey office tower with a separate entrance to ensure absolute security is due so customers can feel secure when chosen as the place where to settle.

We have 18 floors for the apartment in Pearl Plaza Tower Apartments with a lot of amenities such as swimming pool in 8th floor, shopping mall, supermarket, gym, sauna, spa, residential entrance, commercial center entrance, supermarket entrance, parking entrance, internal site,…

pearl plaza apartment for rent

The project has set new standards for premium residences in the city with plenty of privacy space to fill your resting moments and to recover after hard working days. The private entries to the residences is an asset to your privacy and security.

With careful attention to detail, the residential area is designed with large windows, ample balconies and stunning views of the city around.

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