Luxury design Pearl Plaza apartment for rent

Amenities Pearl Plaza apartment for rent:

– Cable television, ADSL internet connection, telephone.

– 24/24 security, parking space

– Balcony/window

– Shower

– Near school, hospital, shopping center

– Convenient store 24/7

Features Pearl Plaza apartment for rent:

– General info: Pearl Plaza apartment is a full complex which from Ground floor to 5th floor is Commercial , shopping mall, food court & cinema, Floor 6th is Swimming pool & Gym,  floor 7th to floor 24th is apartment of 119 units. Fresh Super market 400 sqm at Basement 1, and 4 basements for  parking, 24 hours security & 100% backup power.

– Detail info : this unit is 55 sqm, 1 bedroom , nice furnished.

Rental: $ 900/month