Lexington Residence Apartment basic information and services

Lexington Residence apartment project

Total land area: 21.356m².

The number of floors: 25 floors.

The total number of apartments: Approximately 1310 units.

The project is Located on the land total area of 2.1 hectares Divided into 5 blocks of buildings:

  • 1 commercial block, 4 stories Service- office.
  • 4 apartment block 25-storey.
  • Apartments with 1310 apartments. There are many apartment for rent in Lexington.


lexington apartment

Senior Utilities in Lexington apartment rental Pool, Restaurant, Recreation outdoor Relaxation, cafe, a community living room, garden, clinics, Kindergartens,…

Facilities Includes: With The Following functions:

  • The utilities include kindergarten (1410 m 2), clinic (1197 m 2), community activities (1044 m 2).
  • The area of the garden, pool on 4000m2 high.
  • Downtown Services – Office: 19 709 m2.
  • Swimming pool overflow Singapore standards: 580m2.
  • Standard Parking: net 100m2 apartment / 20m2 parking.


lexington apartment

  • BBQ area: 400m2.
  • TMDV 100m2 net, office, clinic / 1 car parking.
  • Layout Apartments harmony for all items.
  • Kitchen area, sun deck with external ventilation.
  • Space Apartments airy, open, reasonable design, clear zone, optimizing area.
  • Living room in the apartment has at least One Direction Sweeping, unobstructed directly.


lexington apartment